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Always Got a Story

5 Oct

Mud Princess 1

So here is one of my latest stories.  I was a Holy Mudder and in the Muddy Mama Mud Run (actually I walked it) benefiting Girls, Inc and Girls on the Run of Washington County.  I was a blast and as you can see, I was a Mud Princess.

Here’s the thing.  What it gave me was a fun day with women from my Garfield church.  And it gave me a bunch of stories to use in my sermons about humility, working together, and joy.

As we continue reading through Mark’s gospel it says, “He (Jesus) was never without a story when he spoke.”  For me that means that Jesus made faith in God a real and living thing.  Here Jesus says that God’s kingdom is a growing thing, sometimes it is not even clear how it happens, but it does happen.  I think Jesus wanted us to know that we could sense God near at hand, in the simple, everyday parts of our lives; like bread and juice.

26-29 Then Jesus said, “God’s kingdom is like seed thrown on a field by a man who then goes to bed and forgets about it. The seed sprouts and grows—he has no idea how it happens. The earth does it all without his help: first a green stem of grass, then a bud, then the ripened grain. When the grain is fully formed, he reaps—harvest time!

30-32 “How can we picture God’s kingdom? What kind of story can we use? It’s like a pine nut. When it lands on the ground it is quite small as seeds go, yet once it is planted it grows into a huge pine tree with thick branches. Eagles nest in it.”

33-34 With many stories like these, he presented his message to them, fitting the stories to their experience and maturity. He was never without a story when he spoke. When he was alone with his disciples, he went over everything, sorting out the tangles, untying the knots.

I hope we can all continue to tell stories about how God’s kingdom is real to us.  Where did we experience it today?  Too often we only talk about where God’s reign is not: like shooting in Las Vegas, like gossip about neighbor, like the next bunch of stuff we want to buy and figure out where to store it in our overcrowded houses.

If you say you don’t have a story about God presence, ask God to give you one; talk with a friend in faith and see if they have story to share.  Make it real, make it about today, make it so it changes the way you look at things.  God wants to permeate very single moment of our lives; enjoy the invasion.