Decades of life

22 Jun

Happy Birthday to me.  This morning I went out early to “dead-head” the knock-out roses in the front yard.  They were overdue, but life has kept me busy.  As I was clipping away I thought about life.  Today is my birthday and so many have past, I have started to consider decades of life.

My memory for life events has never been good.  We always ask my sister for family history.  Yet, I know the first decade of my life was spent in totally dependence on my parents and enjoying the perks of being the baby of the family.  I think the next decade was mostly spent in angst.  I didn’t feel smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough – the general angst of teen years (praise God they will never return.)  At sixteen my surrender of my life to Christ and an intentional spiritual journey of my life certainly influence all that happened after that time.  The third decade of my life was spent acquiring the basics of a white american life; several educational degrees, marriage, and two sons.  My fourth decade is a blur.  From the ages of 30 to 40 I know I worked a lot; cared for the dailiness of family and work, but the details escape me. (I’m sure there are pictures somewhere!)

The fifth decade I became at home in my own body.  It was when I turned forty that I discovered food allergies and what they were doing to my body.  I took time to become more aware of the connection between body, mind, and spirit.  There was a settledness  and  contentment that came in this decade.  I think, “don’t sweat the small stuff’, became my motto.  My sixth decade began by throwing a huge 50th birthday party for myself.  By that time in my life I knew what I could expect from people in my household.  I remember someone marveling that  had made my own birthday cakes (there where several – it was a big party).  I thought, well, who else would make them.  That was life in my house in a nutshell.  Yet, this sixth decade has been about ‘lighting the load’.  Being gentle with myself and trying to be gentle with those around me.  Through the Divine presence I have been able to let go of the old that does not nurture me and find new growth in new adventures.

This morning I spent time dead-heading the roses.  You have to get rid of the old, dead, spent part of the bush, so the new growth can occur.  Here’s to getting rid of that which does not satisfy; clinging closely to God; and enjoying what each day brings.

Happy birthday to me.

Tomorrow I will start working my way through the book of Romans.  It is what I love.  Talking about God and diving deeper in to the Divine Presence that is all around us.



One Response to “Decades of life”

  1. Linda Rose June 23, 2015 at 3:46 am #

    I hope that you had a special birthday, Mary, and that it kicks off a beautiful, “knockout” year full of healthy new growth!

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