Simple talk

17 Apr

 Good morning,

Sorry I missed yesterday morning.  All I can say is that I learned how to weed and prune knock-out roses which I have never done before in my life.

Do you ever notice how much of the day is filled with nonsense conversation.  Especially when someone is trying to impress you or feeling guilty about something.  I like these passage from yesterday’s reading.  Let your yes be yes and let your no be no.  Let is go.

The axiom I have learned goes through my head quite often: those who are going to like you are going to because of who they are, not who you are; and those who are not going to like you are not going to because of who they are not who they are.  This doesn’t not release us from trying to live a life filled with the fruits of the spirit, but it does free us from making sure everyone is happy, likes us, or understands who we are.  Life becomes more free and more fun when they only one we try to please is God.

Thursday, Simplicity in speech               

Matthew 5:33-37  33 “Again, you have heard that it was said to those of ancient times, ‘You shall not swear falsely, but carry out the vows you have made to the Lord.’ 34 But I say to you, Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God,35 or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King.

36 And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. 37 Let your word be ‘Yes, Yes’ or ‘No, No’; anything more than this comes from the evil one.

James 5: 12  12 Above all, my beloved,[a] do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “Yes” be yes and your “No” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation.

So, catching up; here is today’s scripture.

Amos clearly says that how we treat other people, particularly the most vulnerable people, makes a difference to the Divine.  Gustavo Gutierrez, a noted liberation theologian, said that God has a preferential concern for the poor.  Certainly, this passage would confirm that understanding of the Scriptures.

Friday,  Simplicity and justice

Amos 5:11-15, 24

11 Therefore because you trample on the poor
and take from them levies of grain,
you have built houses of hewn stone,
but you shall not live in them;
you have planted pleasant vineyards,
but you shall not drink their wine.
12 For I know how many are your transgressions,
and how great are your sins—
you who afflict the righteous, who take a bribe,
and push aside the needy in the gate.
13 Therefore the prudent will keep silent in such a time;
for it is an evil time.

14 Seek good and not evil,
that you may live;
and so the Lord, the God of hosts, will be with you,
just as you have said.
15 Hate evil and love good,
and establish justice in the gate;
it may be that the Lord, the God of hosts,
will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph.

24 But let justice roll down like waters,
and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream

Mike Slaughter, an reforming voice for the United Methodist Church, says that this passage from Luke are the marching orders/job description for the church.  It always amazes me how quickly the church becomes clueless about what they are suppose to be doing.  Finding the money to say open often takes priority and we forget why we are open in the first place.

Luke 4:16-21  16 When he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, he went to the synagogue on the sabbath day, as was his custom. He stood up to read, 17 and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was given to him. He unrolled the scroll and found the place where it was written:

18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me
to bring good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives
and recovery of sight to the blind,
to let the oppressed go free,
19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

20 And he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down. The eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on him. 21 Then he began to say to them, “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”

Both of these passage are a wonderful source for reflection and inspiration.  I hope they encourage you today.  Peace


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