The Four Letter Word

22 Feb

S N O W.  We did not have class today because of the snow up on the mountain.  So, we are delayed another week in starting the Celebration of Discipline study.

Of course, we can still start the disciplines.  One of the things I love about Richard Foster’s writings is the concept of the middle road.  There are some who go too far into legalism.  Thinking if you make rules, have measurable behaviors, then you can work yourself into sanctification.  There are others who go too far into free grace.  Thinking you have been saved by the grace of God and there is nothing else you have to do, but to relax and enjoy life.  The grace is always there no matter what.

It is the challenge of the middle path, the journey of faith, that makes the Disciplines a wonderful road map.  We know that there are behaviors that make in difference in our lives, but that is not all.  And we know that we have been saved by the grace of God, but that is not all.  We have been and are being called into a relationship with God. The reality is that all relationships take work.  And the more precious the relationship, the more we should be willing to give our time, our intelligence, our love, our very lives to bring depth and quality to that relationship.  The most precious relationship in my life is with the daily Divine presence that journey with me.

I pray you enjoy that presence through these snowy day of winter.


One Response to “The Four Letter Word”

  1. Lauri Capwell February 22, 2015 at 9:36 pm #

    Thank you, Mary!

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