All Hallow’s Eve/All Saint’s Day

2 Nov

Is it surprising that our world focuses on Halloween rather than All Saint’s Day?

The focus has been on dressing up, becoming altar-egos, and scary movies.  The best I can say for Halloween is that little kids look cute and a free sugar haul is not all bad.

Yet, the original focus of All Hallow’s Eve was preparation for All Saint’s Day.   And my guess it that most of the world doesn’t even know that All Saint’s Day exists. [I don’t think the hosts of the Today show will dress up as their favorite saint!] It is such a loss.  I think it is the saints of the church and in our lives that inspire us to be our best selves – ourselves transformed by the Divine.

I truly wish that our culture would be more helpful in navigating us through our lives.  Yet, our church community can be.  We can see people around us in church who are daily try to love the Lord their God with all their heart and all their soul and all their might.  I can think of people at every church I have served who inspired me.

I encourage you to think of those who have inspired your spiritual walk.  People who have shown you through their daily life what the words of the Bible mean.  All Saint’s Day is about seeing the Divine Spirit moving in our world through the lives around us.  We are inheritors of a living and lively faith.  It is not an easy path, but it is one that is full of joy and meaning.  Just look at the Saints!


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