It seems like a long time

6 Sep

Hello Friends, 

I have thought often of putting up a new blog, but I have let the details of the day distract me.  My niece’s wedding dress is done and now church work is coming to the fore. It is charge conference season and now I have two churches to work on the details.  

Alfred North Whitehead wrote in Adventure of Ideas, “The essence of Christianity is the appeal to the life of Christ as a revelation of the nature of God and of his agency in the world.  The record is fragmentary, inconsistent and uncertain. . [but] elements in the record have evoked a response from all that is best in human nature.”

I think about my Christian faith.  I love God and what to live in the journey of faith that God’s grace and Christ’s example reveal.  Yet, it seems sometimes that the institutional church as long since bury this love of God and the journey of faith under piles of debris.  There are buildings and traditions and budgets and egos and . . .  

I think it takes a lot of energy to draw close to the heart of God.  I think it takes even more energy to bend our will to the divine; to lose our lives, so we can find them.  

Please pray for my little churches.  I pray they find the joy of joining in the divine dance and continuing the work of Jesus of Nazareth.  


One Response to “It seems like a long time”

  1. Linda Rose September 7, 2014 at 1:58 am #

    I love that Whitehead quote, Mary! “The record is fragmentary, inconsistent, and uncertain….” Fallible individuals made up that record and make up the institutions, so I guess our challenge is to focus on relationship with God and not get distracted by the dramas, debates, and “clutter.” For me, that DOES require a lot of energy!

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