Blessed to be a blessing

5 Aug

This phrase goes through my head quite often. It occurs several times in the Scriptures, beginning in Genesis.

My journey has not turned out the way I thought it would, but in each day I can find blessings upon blessings that I receive from the Divine. I know that the challenge is that even as I accept and acknowledge all the wonderful gifts in my life I am given an opportunity to be a blessings from God for others.

Have you considered that lately? The blessings; joy, health, strength, talents, everything is a gift to you so that you can share it with others. I tell the story of when I received my first car (a yellow ford pinto) my senior year in High School. My mother was very clear with me that it was not for my personal, private use, but was a gift so I could help others. My mother meant that it was for me to drive my sister around or help her with errands she needed to do, but I heard it in a broader sense and have been picking up hitch hikers ever since.

Blessed to be a blessing . . . I think each of you have a wonderful, gifted life. First, you woke up this morning, so that’s a good start, then you could get out of bed, found clothes and food and hopefully good work to do. . . what blessings!!

A few days ago I read one of my favorite sections from the rule of Benedict. It says that everyone should have some work to do. If they are strong and able then they can work in the fields, and if they are old and infirmed then they can be given a task that can be done within their limitations. Also, if they have talents or special skills then they should be given the implements to practice their talents. In a Benedictine world people get what they need to work for the community. Blessed to be a blessings.

I travel tomorrow: a new adventure awaits. I will be gone almost a week and am praying my parents will weather my absence with no problems.

I hope this day brings new, deeper understanding of all that God has gifted you. If you don’t feel very gifted, try some prayer, or just listen to someone with all your heart and attention. That will be blessings enough for one day. Peace


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