Spending Time

25 Jun

On what do you spend the precious commodity of time? For the past two years I have had more down time than I have had in a long time. I think about how I spend that time.

In Joan Chittister’s Rule of Benedict, the daily reading in on the ordering of the psalms for the community. One thing that is made clear by St. Benedict is that the community should recite all the psalm each week. Do not do at least that is spiritual sloth. (Joan’s word).

She also writes this:

We are to tap into every human situation that the psalms describe and learn to respond to them with an open soul, an unfettered heart, and out of the mind of God.

So, again I wonder; on what do we spend the precious commodity of time? with what do we fill our mind and our soul? I think reading scripture to draw close to the heart of God has gone out of fashion. It seems that most people I see read or use scripture to prove a point that their point of view is correct and most importantly, God’s will.

Most of the time I am clueless to “the will of God”. I am disturbed when someone says, “it was the will of God,” or “meant to be.” I have never found life that clear cut. I believe the heart of God is to love all of the Divine creation. And love is always a messy business.

I think that on this journey of dailyness that it is helpful to immerse our hearts and minds in the writings of faithful people. Maybe that is the psalms or the writings of the Dalai Lama or the Tao de chings.

One thing our book of faith says clearly is that God desires to be our God and we can be God’s people. What better life is there. To be God’s person. To open ourselves to the Divine love and be messengers of that grace.

I pray you find something wonderful to fill your mind today, and to the spend the precious gift of time you have been given in ways that draw you deeper into the mind of God. Peace


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