12 Jun

It feels like a long time since I have blogged. I attended Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, which is huge. I know about 5 people in the conference and saw one of them.

The news is that I am taking on another small church, Garfield UMC. This will make me 3/4 time and give me health insurance and pension. YEA!!

Also, I am working out at the YMCA again, so my body is benefiting, but my blogging is suffering.

I continue to enjoy Joan Chittister’s The Rule of Benedict. This morning it is about the office of Vigils, which at Mt. Saviour Monastery is at 4:45 a.m. It is one of my favorite service there. Well, here is what was in my devotional today.

“The opening scripture phrase Benedict puts in our minds is a simple, but important one:’O God, open my lips and my mouth shall proclaim your praise’ (Ps 51:17), he teaches us to pray. All life is in the hands of God. Even the desire to pray in the grace to pray. The movement to pray is the movement o God in our souls. Our ability to pray depends on the power and place of God in our souls. Our ability to pray depends on the power and place of God in our life. We pray because God attracts us and we pray only because God is attracting us. We are not, in other words, even the author of our own prayer life. It is the goodness of God, not any virture that we have developed on our own, that brings us to the heart of God. And it is with God’s help we seek to go there.”

Sometimes, I think people believe their worry is prayer, so long as they say God’s name first in their worry list. Or people believe their request list is prayer, so long as they say God’s name first.

I think prayer is conversation with God. So, if I am communicating with the author of life, grace, creativity. . . all that is; then being respectful and silent is not a bad idea. I think we can bring our request to God, but it is in the knowledge that God knows our lives, our wants, our failings and listen to God is a good idea.

For me, prayer is the simplest and most complex and most demanding work I have in my life. My goal is that it would be all of my life.

God’s is the author and hope of everything I desire for my life. It is a good place to begin each day.

Blessings and peace,


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