Life keeps moving

21 May

We have had visitors at the old homestead, so it have been a challenge to blog. My brother came last week for a visit and now my son, Nathan, is here. In celebrated of his graduation from college he can to see me and his grandparents. We have had a great time.

I have been trying to hone my listening skills and I have amazed at what others see in a song or sermon. My brother was talking about a song that he liked and the verse that he really like, I had never notice. My son came with me to church and when my parents asked him if he like the service he said he did and said the sermon what about a topic I didn’t even think was in there.

I have always like idea of diversity and the richness of our planet. Yet, so often I forget how different people are; how differently people can experience the same event. Would you be willing to surrender you perceptions/opinions for a time in order to experience what someone else is experiencing. We can learn a lot about another person when we open ourselves to their reality.

I am not quite sure why I have written all this. I guess it is to say, that the more I center myself in the Divine, the more I can reach out to the other. It is a growing edge that offers me insight into my life and to those around me.

See if you can quiet yourself enough today to hear not only God, but those who you share the journey with you. Peace.


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