Spring is blooming

14 Apr

Good morning friends,

Outside my bedroom window trees are blooming. Spring has finally arrived here and it is feeling a bit like summer.

I thought I would catch you up on a few details in my life. Last week I took Mom and Dad to see Noah. It was an interesting movie. The person who made the movie expended a lot of energy discussing if human being were un-redeemable. The antagonist, a descendant of Cain, was ungrateful for the creation God had given, believed that he was there to claim dominion over creation and use it for what he wanted – grabbing and killing were his way of life. The protagonist, Noah, was grateful for creation and believe that he was caretaker of it. The movie was accurate in that the generations from Adam/Eve to Noah were not to eat the animals, but could give them as burnt offering to God.

I believe that the film maker made it clear that human beings have destroyed God’s creation with violence. Noah who thought that he was suppose to destroy all human and just save the innocent (the animals), changed his mind when he looked at a baby and saw love. [would Noah have continued his plan to kill all humankind if had not had a baby to look at and just had his teenage and young adult sons??]

I think the non-biblical stuff made some interesting special effects, but it clouded the question of why human beings so often choose hate and violence rather than God’s grace and caring. Why does sex and violence sell and God-love not??

In this holy week, where we dare to follow the path of Jesus to the cross, think about how often we choose anger, or jealously, or pettiness over the humble walk with God. Peace.


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