You pick it

11 Apr

OK, as I said yesterday the passion portion of the reading for Palm Sunday goes through Matthew 26 and 27. I really don’t know what to write about and have no energy to write about all of it.

So, here is your task for the day. First, try to remember what you know about the last meal Jesus eat with his disciples, his prayer time in the garden, his arrest, trial and death. Then read chapter 26 and 27 slowly and see if your memory matches what is in the text. This should’t take more than 15 minutes, so I think you can handle it. Finally, what are the questions that come to mind. If you send me any questions I will respond to them tomorrow.

Here’s what I think. The first identification of myself or others is as a child of God. And my understanding of how to live out that identity is as a Christian (because I was born a white, Protestant American). And the central belief of that faith is that Jesus gave us an example of how to life in God’s presence, was killed, and transformed death into new life. That being said, the events in Matthew 26 and 27 are essential to our faith.

Enjoy your day. I pray you can find a way to live deeper into your faith.



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