God vs. the World

14 Mar

I do not give much thought or energy to the evil in this world. I really don’t think I can change it so. . .I just move on to something I can effect; like myself. Psalm 140 rails against the evil of the world and asks God to intervene.

-5 God, get me out of here, away from this evil;
protect me from these vicious people.
All they do is think up new ways to be bad;
they spend their days plotting war games.
They practice the sharp rhetoric of hate and hurt,
speak venomous words that maim and kill.
God, keep me out of the clutch of these wicked ones,
protect me from these vicious people;
Stuffed with self-importance, they plot ways to trip me up,
determined to bring me down.
These crooks invent traps to catch me
and do their best to incriminate me.

If I look around me, is see what the psalmist describes is the same today. There are too many wars in too many countries. I guess someone is winning, but not those who are most vulnerable.

I prayed, “God, you’re my God!
Listen, God! Mercy!
God, my Lord, Strong Savior,
protect me when the fighting breaks out!
Don’t let the wicked have their way, God,
don’t give them an inch!”

The psalmist cries out for God’s protection. I think of all those trapped in horrible refuge camps, in the midst of war and pray for God’s protection as well. Perhaps it is another reason that I do not think about the pain of this world, because I feel so powerless.

These troublemakers all around me—
let them drown in their own verbal poison.
Let God pile hellfire on them,
let him bury them alive in crevasses!
These loudmouths—
don’t let them be taken seriously;
These savages—
let the Devil hunt them down!

There have been times in my life when people have talked trash about me. They said things that were untrue, or put a detail in the worst possible context. Although it was a little frustrating, the line that always goes through my head is, “Living well is the best revenge.”

I know that you, God, are on the side of victims,
that you care for the rights of the poor.
And I know that the righteous personally thank you,
that good people are secure in your presence.

I do rejoice with the psalmist that God is on the side of the victims. It would be wonderful is people made choice that cared for all of God creation’s. Or, as a friends says, “if we all hold hands and sing Kum By Ya”. But until that happens I continue to pray and ask God to use me when God can to help those in need.

Peace be the journey.


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