The Music of the Psalms

5 Feb

When I read Psalm 124 I hear the music of a Passover Seder going through my head. At a particular point during the Seder meal there is a call and response about all that God has done to save God’s people. The traditional language is, If the Lord had not been on our side. . .
Think about that statement. If the Lord hadn’t been for us – hadn’t been on our side, how would we survive? It is a question I often ask myself. I have been aware of God as my traveling companion for over forty years. I know that the depth and peace and joy in my life comes from God’s companionship.

124 1-5 If God hadn’t been for us
—all together now, Israel, sing out!—
If God hadn’t been for us
when everyone went against us,
We would have been swallowed alive
by their violent anger,
Swept away by the flood of rage,
drowned in the torrent;
We would have lost our lives
in the wild, raging water.
6 Oh, blessed be God!
He didn’t go off and leave us.
He didn’t abandon us defenseless,
helpless as a rabbit in a pack of snarling dogs.
7 We’ve flown free from their fangs,
free of their traps, free as a bird.
Their grip is broken;
we’re free as a bird in flight.
8 God’s strong name is our help,
the same God who made heaven and earth.

Notice that what God is saving us from is our emotions – violent anger – flood of rage. It is our emotional life; our soul, that God wants to care for throughout our lives.

I pray this day you find the quiet center of God’s strength and peace.


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