A Good Way to Live into 2014

6 Jan

Psalm 112 is a gem. I think it would be great to print it and put it someplace where you can read it daily. Enjoy.

1-10 Hallelujah!
Blessed man, blessed woman, who fear God,
Who cherish and relish his commandments,
Their children robust on the earth,
And the homes of the upright—how blessed!
Their houses brim with wealth
And a generosity that never runs dry.
Sunrise breaks through the darkness for good people—
God’s grace and mercy and justice!
The good person is generous and lends lavishly;
No shuffling or stumbling around for this one,
But a sterling and solid and lasting reputation.
Unfazed by rumor and gossip,
Heart ready, trusting in God,
Spirit firm, unperturbed,
Ever blessed, relaxed among enemies,
They lavish gifts on the poor—
A generosity that goes on, and on, and on.
An honored life! A beautiful life!
Someone wicked takes one look and rages,
Blusters away but ends up speechless.
There’s nothing to the dreams of the wicked. Nothing.

I like the emphasis on generosity. The psalmist says that the blessed person lives a generous life. Of course, this makes sense since if you feel blessed by God it is easy to open and giving with the resources God has given you.

I also like that the blessed person is “unfazed by rumor and gossip”. This is also understandable, since if we believe God knows and loves us, and we are trying to do our best for God, then others opinions of our lives become secondary. Don’t you want to be “relaxed among enemies”.

Life is good being God’s blessed people. I pray this becomes your reality in 2014


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