Happy Birthday to Dad

16 Oct

Good morning friends, It is my dad’s 87th birthday today. So, I am taking the occasion to catch you up on my life, since he is a good part of the reason that I am living this life right now.

Mom and Dad are about the same, but getting a little weaker all the time. They are not able to do as much as they have in the past. I keep track of Dad’s pills (about a dozen difference prescriptions) which he takes five times a day. I also take Mom and Dad to their doctor’s appointments. Usually, they have at least two a month. I get groceries in the house and, if Mom is feeling up to it, I take her shopping for an hour or so. My Mom does most of the cooking, because, let’s face it, that is not my gift. But, I do bake goodies which all the diabetics and pre-diabetic people in the house enjoy.

Mom recently gave up her car and gifted it to my brother, Henry. Henry was very generous and gifted his car to my son, Nathan. Who in turn gave the car he was using to his brother. A couple of weekends ago was the great car switch, as I call it. The interesting twist was that I had been using my Mom’s car because my car was hit by a woman in a ‘big, old Jeep’. My Prius, which I love, is still in the shop, so I am driving a rental. Actually, my Dad still has his van, but it is really big and hard to park. I am bad enough at parking already, I don’t need the extra challenge of maneuvering a BIG van.

On the YMCA front, I am go longer Aqua Zumbaing, which makes me really sad. The instructor I had had for the past year left over the summer to take a job for ‘real money’. The new instructor was not the same and it became frustrating and unenjoyable. I wonder if this is the way some people feel when a pastor who has been helpful for them leaves?? I am going to a yoga class on Monday nights which is really just stretching and meditating – which I can handle. When we do harder positions, I just continue to stretch and breath.

OK, so true confessions, I play way to much Candy Crush. I beat all the levels and now I am going back through so I have three stars on all the levels. My excuse is that this time at my parents is really about being present to them, so doing something brainless, yet challenging works. Also, now the Orioles are done playing baseball, I need sometime to do. I do enjoy scrabble in Words with Friends for anyone who wants to play me. I am thankful to those who have continued to play games with me, it helps me to feel connected.

I also pastor a little church. They have been through a hard time in the past years, so having someone half way competent has been nice for them. It is a little discouraging because anyone who comes to visit on Sunday morning doesn’t come again. Did I mention that me and one other lady are the “special music” most Sundays? Just as success breads like success; a little church with almost no program really has a hard time attracting people. Please pray for me and my folks as we journey together. I really do miss my friends at VUMC and particularly the music program.

I am healthy and well. I did my first wedding in over a year this past Sunday. Just to let you know how different this life is, I wore cowgirl boots with my robe, since every women in the wedding party, including the brides, was wearing cowgirl boots. The couple was very young and sweet and it was a nice wedding. The best laugh of the day was at the reception. I was trying to move into place to get introduced and a large man with a black Harley Davidson T-shirt was blocking my way, as I was trying to gracefully move around him and not succeeding very well, he said to his lady friend, “well they can just kiss my ass” in a very authoritative voice. Since he and his companion still were not moving at all, I said, “OK”, which made them finally realize that I was standing behind them and unable to get through. They apologized and I laughed.

Well, that’s my life. Please continue to pray for me, this is an interesting journey. I know God is with me, which gets me through the harder days and helps me rejoice on the better ones.

I pray this day is finding you well and healthy with someone to love and a God to serve. Peace


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