Lazy days of Summer; that’s me

6 Aug

Hello friends, I can’t believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Life remains much the same for me. My little church is doing fine, although people also take a vacation from church, so I don’t see as many people as in the Spring. Mom and Dad’s health is about the same, moving slow and that moving often comes with some pain.
Me. . . I am the same; happy to be in church, happy when the Orioles win, happy to eat ice cream. happy when I have a scrabble game with friends. Yea, not much changes with me,

The Psalm are also much the same. Psalm 94 (that’s how far we have gotten), is a song asking for justice for the psalmist and a clear delineation between the God’s people and bad people.

1-2 God, put an end to evil;
avenging God, show your colors!
Judge of the earth, take your stand;
throw the book at the arrogant.
3-4 God, the wicked get away with murder—
how long will you let this go on?
They brag and boast
and crow about their crimes!

5-7 They walk all over your people, God,
exploit and abuse your precious people.
They take out anyone who gets in their way;
if they can’t use them, they kill them.
They think, “God isn’t looking,
Jacob’s God is out to lunch.”

There are many people in this world who believe “God isn’t looking”. But what I see is that the evil they concoct only comes back to ruin there lives. To kill them from the inside out.

I like the images in this next section of the psalm, particularly how it is paraphrased by Eugene Peterson.

Well, think again, you idiots,
fools—how long before you get smart?
Do you think Ear-Maker doesn’t hear,
Eye-Shaper doesn’t see?
Do you think the trainer of nations doesn’t correct,
the teacher of Adam doesn’t know?
God knows, all right—
knows your stupidity,
sees your shallowness.

So, do we think that the one who made our ears doesn’t hear? I think so often we do. We act is if God is not in our moments and our lives. That somehow God who created the very fabric of our being isn’t there. Isn’t that crazy.

Well, like the psalmist says, those who will be aware of our Creator; instructed by the Teacher of all, will find peace.

How blessed the man you train, God,
the woman you instruct in your Word,
Providing a circle of quiet within the clamor of evil,
while a jail is being built for the wicked.
God will never walk away from his people,
never desert his precious people.
Rest assured that justice is on its way
and every good heart put right.

16-19 Who stood up for me against the wicked?
Who took my side against evil workers?
If God hadn’t been there for me,
I never would have made it.
The minute I said, “I’m slipping, I’m falling,”
your love, God, took hold and held me fast.
When I was upset and beside myself,
you calmed me down and cheered me up.

This is the calm center I find each day. If I start to be upset about “what isn’t” I look to God “who is”. How often to be focus on what isn’t fair in our lives, what isn’t the way we want it to be, what isn’t how it should have turned out. I find that is a dead end road lined with sadness. So, I focus on what is; I know the most important thing that is, is God. That will ‘calm me down and cheer me up’

20-23 Can Misrule have anything in common with you?
Can Troublemaker pretend to be on your side?
They ganged up on good people,
plotted behind the backs of the innocent.
But God became my hideout,
God was my high mountain retreat,
Then boomeranged their evil back on them:
for their evil ways he wiped them out,
our God cleaned them out for good.

So, as I said before, those who seek evil will find it being lived out in their lives. It will eat them up from the inside – boomerange back on them. For those of us trying to live the Way of Christ, there are no less trouble, but a lot more peace. I hope you seek and find God’s peace today.


One Response to “Lazy days of Summer; that’s me”

  1. bleakhouse2012 August 7, 2013 at 3:34 am #

    It is really hard to relinquish my habit of thinking with hate about those who have trespassed in some way against me. This psalm assures us that God’s justice is sure, and will certainly come to those trespassers.
    But those trespassers, like me, are souls created and cared for by God and like me, are in need of forgiveness, forbearance, and mercy.

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