We are have way through 2013 – just throught I would let you know

1 Jul

It is a new month, and I am in hopes that I can get back to blogging.  Of course, no one out there is really begging for it, but I feel compelled to at least finish the Psalms.

Psalm 87 is an interesting one, and I can’t ever remember reading it.  It is a short song of joy for the dwelling place of God, Zion, the Holy Mountain.  As far as I know, this was not an actual place, but more of an idea of where the full of God was present and real.

1-3 He founded Zion on the Holy Mountain—     and oh, how God loves his home! Loves it far better than all the homes of Jacob put together! God’s hometown—oh!     everyone there is talking about you!

I name them off, those among whom I’m famous:     Egypt and Babylon, also Philistia, even Tyre, along with Cush. Word’s getting around; they point them out:  “This one was born again here!”

The word’s getting out on Zion:     “Men and women, right and left, get born again in her!”

God registers their names in his book:     “This one, this one, and this one—born again, right here.”

Singers and dancers give credit to Zion:     “All my springs are in you!”

So, I think what the psalmist is talking about is a place where the presence of God is felt.  And a place that when people encounter it, they feel reborn.

Is here a place for you like that?  A place where you feel God’s presence so strongly that you feel refreshed and renew in body and spirit? I think that place for me was Mount Saviour Monastery in Pine City, NY.  There was such a peace there among the monks and the sheep and the chapel that I always felt renewed in body and spirit when I visited.

Yet, I don’t think that the psalmist is writing just about a place, but a state of being with God.  Often times going to a particular place can make it easier for us to be open to God, but it can just be a designed place in our house or our yard or even sharing time with a ‘soul friend’.

I have begun to learn yoga.  It is really an interesting experience.  We do a lot of breathing and body awareness and I know when I go home from class I feel calmer and more at peace.

God is always hunger for our company and openness and praise.  I pray this day you will feel that hunger for God’s presence and peace.Mount saviour


One Response to “We are have way through 2013 – just throught I would let you know”

  1. Teresa July 2, 2013 at 1:25 am #

    Consider this begging. I like reading what you have to say.

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