A new year to journey with God

1 Jan
I love a new beginning.  In a new year I believe anything is possible – – I can lose weight, I can do devotions daily, I can leap small buildings in a single bound.  OK maybe not the leaping thing, it you get the idea.  A new year brings fresh possibilities of what can be. . .  and

Now I think I can blog daily.  We will see.  It has been a wonderful day in my world.  Nice and quiet, a beautiful parade, some college football and I learned how to put music on my phone.  Life is good.

The psalm for the day is #52.  It has the tone of a morality tale.  Of those who taunt and speak badly of God verses those who are God’s faithful people. I like the line, “your tongue cuts razor-sharp, artisan in lies.”  Do you know anyone who is a artisan in lies?

1-4 Why do you brag of evil, “Big Man”?
God’s mercy carries the day.
You scheme catastrophe;
your tongue cuts razor-sharp,
artisan in lies.
You love evil more than good,
you call black white.
You love malicious gossip,
you foul-mouth.

The evil one is described in this section and notice that most of the description has to do with what the evil person says.  Our ‘tongues’ get us in all kinds of trouble.  The next stanzas tells how the evil person will be defeated by God.  God will “pull you up by the roots from the land of life”.  I really don’t think God needs to do anything terrible to liars and gossips, they do it to themselves.

God will tear you limb from limb,
sweep you up and throw you out,
Pull you up by the roots
from the land of life.

I like the complete honesty and humanness of verses 6 and 7.  Good people laughing at the folly of the evil/non-God people.  Those who have trusted in themselves rather than God.

6-7 Good people will watch and
worship. They’ll laugh in relief:
“Big Man bet on the wrong horse,
trusted in big money,
made his living from catastrophe.”

It is my hope in the new year that will be also be like an olive tree growing green in God’s house.  It is the best place to be and grow.  I agree with the psalmist whole heartily; in is in God’s generous mercy I trust for all of my life.

And I’m an olive tree,
growing green in God’s house.
I trusted in the generous mercy
of God then and now.

I thank you always
that you went into action.
And I’ll stay right here,
your good name my hope,
in company with your faithful friends.

The psalmist finishes by praising God.  It is a great thing to do each day.  I hope I can spend all my days in God’s good name in the company of faithful friends.  I so often think of my dear church friends.  It has been a true pleasure and privilege to journey with so many faithful friends.  Here’s to another year together!


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