Where do you put your brain?

21 Nov
Somehow this blog lost my intro sentences.  Fortunately, I can edit it, so if you read this already, here are is beginning.
My question is, “Where do you put your brain?”  That is, what is the mental loop that runs in your brain.  Richard Foster says that your emotions do not control how we feel, but it is our mental activity is what controls our emotions.  The psalmist puts their thoughts on God.  lt is God who heals and makes us whole.  It is God where the hope comes from in difficult times.

“1-3 Dignify those who are down on their luck;
you’ll feel good—that’s what God does.
God looks after us all,
makes us robust with life—
Lucky to be in the land,
we’re free from enemy worries.
Whenever we’re sick and in bed,
God becomes our nurse,
nurses us back to health.”

The psalmist says that even when they have sinned and are feeling attacked by enemies and those who call themselves friends, God is the one that we go to for help.

” I said, “God, be gracious!
Put me together again—
my sins have torn me to pieces.”
My enemies are wishing the worst for me;
they make bets on what day I will die.
If someone comes to see me,
he mouths empty platitudes,
All the while gathering gossip about me
to entertain the street-corner crowd.
These “friends” who hate me
whisper slanders all over town.
They form committees
to plan misery for me.

8-9 The rumor goes out, “He’s got some dirty,
deadly disease. The doctors
have given up on him.”
Even my best friend, the one I always told everything
—he ate meals at my house all the time!—
has bitten my hand.”

When the writers is feeling as through even best friends has turned against them, they look for God to pick them up.  For me, this is the difference in the psalm.  There is always a hope in God to bring healing into a difficult and lonely situation.

 God, give grace, get me up on my feet.
I’ll show them a thing or two.

“11-12 Meanwhile, I’m sure you’re on my side—
no victory shouts yet from the enemy camp!
You know me inside and out, you hold me together,
you never fail to stand me tall in your presence
so I can look you in the eye.

13 Blessed is God, Israel’s God,
always, always, always.
Yes. Yes. Yes.”

So, again the question is, what is in your brain?  Are you like the psalmist who says, Blessed is God, always, always, always, Yes, yes, yes.  I will confess that the reason I am writing about this theme is that this morning I notice a negative refrain running through my brain.  I was at the gym at the YMCA and I was noticing people younger and thinner than me, since this includes a lot of people it happens a lot.  I realized that the phase I was saying to myself had to do with age and body type, which I really don’t care that much about.  I also remember that Richard Foster said our thoughts influence our emotions and outlook.  So, I have decided to replace the phrase that runs through my brain, particularly at the Y.   It is kinda like Blessed God, always, always, always, yes, yes, yes. – the one I decided upon is, “you are God’s child and you are here to share God’s grace.”  That’s it.  So, what runs through your brain?  Do you need to change the phrase that runs through your brain?



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