Life is a surprising adventure

2 Nov

Hello Friends,

Today I will interrupt my reflection on the psalms to give you an update on my journey, which is as unexpected as always.

Even before I moved to Hagerstown I contacted the District Superintendent here to see if there was a little church where I could serve and earn a little extra cash.  Well, after several conversation with the District Superintendent I had given up getting a little church, so I just started visiting church in the area.  One Sunday I decided to have a little adventure by driving down to Baltimore and visiting the Episcopal where a friend from my doctoral degree days is rector (pastor); Katrina.  She was surprised to see me and when I said I had moved down to Hagerstown to help out my parents, she asked if I wanted a job!  She had recently taken on chaplain responsibilities at a nearby college campus and need someone to cover some pastoral care and preach occasionally.  I was SHOCKED!

As we talked about it, it became a wonderful, unexpected, and perfect match for us.  I will be working one day a week and preaching for her when she needs me.  The only downside is the commute.  It takes about an hour without any traffic, which I hope to avoid by driving at off times.  However, the compensation is just what I need to pay the few monthly bills that I have.

It truly is because of the generosity of my last church that I have been able to wait and be open to this great opportunity.  I did not have to worry about cash flow or be a financial drain on my parents.  I have also found that I need very little (I feel like I already own it all!)

I am very excited about beginning this new adventure in my life.  I went yesterday to talk with Katrina and meet a lot of the wonderful people who are a part of her church.  I will keep you posted and continue my commentary on the psalms – anyone want to wager on how long it will take me to get through all 150 psalms?  Blessing and peace,

This is where I will be working – just outside of Baltimore.


2 Responses to “Life is a surprising adventure”

  1. Gail Perdue November 3, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    That’s wonderful Mary! Congrats!

  2. Julie November 4, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    Congratulations! Happy to read this great news!

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