Another Day, Another Psalm

15 Oct


I know myself fairly well and I know that I tend to only look at the bright side – I am a self-avowed Pollyanna.  I kinda like the approach to life, but I know that I do not always see the negative side of people, or notice when people are working at things that are not good or healthy for themselves or other people.  However, the psalmist does not have this problem.

The psalmist begins by calling on God:

“Don’t turn a deaf ear
when I call you, God.
If all I get from you is
deafening silence,
I’d be better off
in the Black Hole.

 I’m letting you know what I need,
calling out for help
And lifting my arms
toward your inner sanctum.”

The psalmist is calling out to God because they want to make sure God know they are not like others who are deceitful in their lives.

“Don’t shove me into the same jail cell with those crooks,

With those who are
full-time employees of evil.
They talk a good line of “peace,”
then moonlight for the Devil.

Pay them back for what they’ve done,
for how bad they’ve been.
Pay them back for their long hours
in the Devil’s workshop;
Then cap it with a huge bonus.

 Because they have no idea how God works
or what he is up to,
God will smash them to smithereens
and walk away from the ruins.”

I think we probably all know people who say one thing to us and then later say something completely different; maybe even speaking badly about us.  Or people seem to work at causing problems wherever they go.  The psalmist is asking God to pay back those who have worked “in the Devil’s workshop.”  Now as I confessed, I rarely think about those who are working it ways that are not helpful to other or are destructive in what they say or do.  But in one way I think this psalm is correct in that these people will find themselves destroyed.  Personally, I don’t think God does this, but they do it to themselves.  It is my experience that people who work from negative energy, trying to destroy others, will eventually have the pain they cause fall back on themselves.  I don’t think we need to look for God to smash them to smithereens, they are doing enough destruction that it will fall back on them.

For me, I try to remember just to talk to God about it – kinda like the psalmist.  And in all circumstances to praise God and try to look through each situation from a God view.

“Blessed be God—
he heard me praying.
He proved he’s on my side;
I’ve thrown my lot in with him.

Now I’m jumping for joy,
and shouting and singing my thanks to him.

 God is all strength for his people,
ample refuge for his chosen leader;
Save your people
and bless your heritage.
Care for them;
carry them like a good shepherd.”

I hope you find blessings in your day


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