the front of your brain

21 Sep

I wonder what is in the front of your brain today.  It is the release date for the iPhone 5 and for many people who waited in line, or waited for the stock markets numbers, I am sure that was in the front of their brain.  For others, it may be a work issue or frustration with those who are closest to you (Actually, I have notice that joy with someone, does not take near the mental energy as being upset with someone.)  Maybe it is just that kind of differential that causes us to have so many psalms of distress.

In Psalm 17, the write is seeking God’s help with those who are against them.  It starts, “Listen while I build my case, God, the most honest prayer you’ll ever hear.  Show the world I am innocent — in your heart you know that I am.”   Running to God to have God know the truth and  fix the difficulties is a recurring theme in the Psalms.  If one is honest and God finds the truth hidden in the heart, then everything else in life will be alright.

The Psalm continues, “I call to you, God, because I’m sure of an answer.  So — answer!  bend your ear!  listen sharp!  Paint grace-graffiti on the fences; take in your frightened children who are running from the neighborhood bullies straight to you.”   I think we have lost a depth to our faith when we do not talk to God is this passionate way.  I remember years ago, going through a really tough time and just yelling at God that I wanted it fixed.  Of course, it was instantly fixed, but it felt good to yell about my deepest hurts.  And it was nice to know that God could take it – it made me feel closer to God.  In this section of the psalm, I also like the image of “paint grace-graffiti on the fences”.  Think about what that would look like.  Maybe we can spread some of that grace.

I think one of the frustrations of listening to the morning talk shows drool over the iPhone was that moments earlier there were news reports about people barely making ends meet in this economy.  I don’t think there is a sense of interrelationship in our world anymore.  There is a quote I think of often, “We need to live simply so others can simply live”.

As always, I have no answers; but I wonder about what I accumulate and what I believe I need; particularly since one of the other segments was on what you could buy for CHRISTMAS!!!


One Response to “the front of your brain”

  1. Phyllis Terwilliger September 22, 2012 at 5:53 pm #


    I, too, love talking to God with all emotions laid on the table. Some of my best prayers have been a cryfest and a shouting to our Maker. Then there is usually a sense of calm, not necessarily an answer!

    Thanks for your words,

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