Bad day at Black Rock (again)

12 Sep

Let me just say that sometimes I am frustrated because my tablet ‘eats’ my post and doesn’t publish it.  So, here I go again for today.

My family often communicates in movie lines.  Someone could walk in the house and be asked how their day went and the response could be, “It was a bad day at Black Rock”.  The questioner would then say, “Oh, that bad, come in and eat something.”  OK, maybe those weren’t the exact words, but the comforting usually involved food.

Anyway, the person with the bad day could have just said, “Oh, you know, like Psalm 13.  The writer is having a bad day and I will put it in it’s entirety in The Message.

“Long enough, God — you’ve ignored me long enough.  I’ve looked at the back of your head long enough.  Long enough I’ve carried this ton of trouble, lived with a stomach full of pain.  Long enough my arrogant enemies have looked down their noses at me.

Take a good look at me, God, my God, I want to look life in the eye, so no enemy can get the best of me or laugh when I fall on my face.

I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms — I’m celebrating your rescue.  I’m singing at the top of my lungs, I’m so full of answered prayers.”

I think all of us experience difficult day and we feel as though we have carried a ton of troubles.  I like the psalmist saying they want to look life in the eye.  I think this is the answer to what we face.  To look directly at life, talk with God, and honest feel what is going on in each moment.  Again, I think it takes a lot of letting ourselves see the current reality of our lives through God’s eyes.  And know that God can be there to rescue us.

Sometimes when we are rescued, the reality doesn’t change; others would still see it as a bad day at Black Rock, but our attitude changes.  We are able it see God’s presence and care and we can find the joy to sing at the top of our lungs.  Actually, it think this is the meaningfulness kind of rejoicing.  When life is not the easiest for us, but we can still praise God for a new sunrise and a new opportunity to find God in that day.


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