Beautiful Sunday Morning

9 Sep

I hope you have had a wonderful morning worship God in or out of a sanctuary.  I am particularly missing Rally Day.  It was always a day of joyful chaos for me.  

Well, I missed yesterday because my life was close to being busy.  I worked at a the Y in the morning, then I went to a free lecture on the Lincoln/Douglas debates with my dad at the local community college.  When we got back to the house my brother, Henry was here for lunch and my sister and her husband, Lillian and Ernie were here for the day.

It was a really pleasant day and it was good to have Ernie here because he is the “fix-it” guy.  He fixed the squeak in the dryer.  And, when that terrible storm moved through it downed a limb from a tree in our front yard.  Ernie got the chain saw out (the manly, manly saw) and chopped up the limb and carted it off in his truck.  He’s the man.  I have added a picture of Lillian and Ernie.  Yes, they left the house this way; they were on their way to square dancing.

So, I will continue with the psalms tomorrow, stay tuned.Image


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