Feeling abandoned?

7 Sep

In the 10th psalm things are getting worse for the poor and fatherless.  The writer speaks of feeling as if God is avoiding them, as if they have been abandoned: 

“God, are you avoiding me?  Where are you when I need you?  

Full of hot air, the wicked are hot on the trail of the poor.

Trip them up, tangle them up in their fine-tuned plots.”

The psalmist is feeling the desparate isolation of the poor and powerless and once more calling on God to stand up against those who are persecuting them.  They are described; “the wicked are windbags, the swindlers have foul breath.”   It is God who is called upon to help those in need, “Time to get up, God — get moving,.  The luckless think they’re Godforsaken.  They wonder why the wicked scorn God and get away with it.  Why the wicked are so cocksure they’ll never come up for audit.”

I wonder if you have ever felt this way; luckless and Godforsaken.  I think at times we all feel as though nothing is turning out the way we thought it would in our lives.  I know I have; however, I always go back to God.  And at this point upon my life journey I work at finding things to be grateful for — – like a place to live, my parent’s mental health, even when physical health is limited, people to talk with and even a blog to keep me connected.

I have definately been accused of being a Pollyanna (Maybe you are too young to remember the movie of a girl who was always optimistic and played the ‘glad game’).   Yet, the psalmist seem to argee with me about that optimistic worldview, as they finish the psalm speaking directly to God; 

“The victim’s faint pulse picks up; the heart of the hopeless pump red blood as you put your ear to their lips.

Orphans get parents, the homeless get homes.  The reign of terror is over, the rule of the gang lords is ended”


Now perhaps this is a bit much to put all on to God- – maybe we should help God out.


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