In every situation

3 Sep

One of the great things about the psalms is that it covers the full range of human emotions.  The writer of Psalm 6 is feeling beat up by God.  Nothing is going right and they feel black and blue and exhausted.  “I’m tired of all this — so tired.  My bed has been floating forty days and nights on the flood of my tears.  My mattress is soaked, soggy with tears.  The sockets of my eyes are black holes; nearly blind, I squint and grope.”

So, if you are feeling kicked around by life, or even God, there is a psalm for you.  Life is difficult at some point for all of us.  In fact, one of my favorite movie lines is about life being hard.  It is from “The Princess Bride”.  The main female character, Buttercup, is explaining how devestated she was when her true love was killed by the dred pirate Roberts.  She believes it is this same pirate who is standing in front of her making nasty remarks about her unfaithfulness to her true love.  Her response is, “You mock my pain”.  To which he replies, “Life is pain, anyone who tell you differently is trying to sell you something.”    I think this is about the truest statement I have ever heard.  

Of course, the movie goes on to have a happily ever after ending.  Actually, the psalm has a happy ending as well.  “Get out of here, you Devil’s crew; at last God has heard my sobs.  My requests have all been granted, my prayers are answered.”  I have never found life this simple.  However, I have found God’s presence of peace even in difficult times, and found that God can bring meaning to all the tough memories.  Also, that leaning on that presence of God, when moments of joy come, I am ready to celebrate!


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