You never know. . .

26 Jul

This is a favorite phrase in my family.  It simply means, you never know how something will turn out.  Something that seems like a bad thing could bring something good and something you thought would be great, just isn’t.  You get the idea.

Well, that has been my day.  Aqua Zumba was delayed and finally cancelled because of a lighting storm.  (Who knew you couldn’t swim in an indoor pool when there is lighting outside?)  Anyway, it would seem like this is a bad, but this gave the opportunity for conversation with another Zumba lady.  This is the first time anyone has done anything besides return my “hi”.

It was interesting because as we had exchanged and said I had moved to town to care for my parents, she asked if I had a home church.  I just looked at her with a surprised look on my face and wondered if I had “Pastor” tattoed on my forhead.  She said loved her church and just wanted to invite me to visit.    Whow, I thought,  how many people I know would invite someone they just met to church, or even just ask if they have a ‘church home’.  I also love the phase ‘church home’, a place where you are welcome to come and sit a spell.

So, the other part of my day and other half of , ‘you never know’ was getting Maryland crabs for lunch.  I grew up on hard shell crabs, opening them, picking them, and feasting on the sweet meat inside.  It takes a committment and skill.  Dad and I got 3 dozen crabs for a truck in a strip mall parking lot a couple of weeks ago.  We went back at noon today and got 2 dozen today, but they were not great.  All the anticipation of delicate sweet chunks of white meat, dissolved into small stringy bland meat.

O Well, you never know.  I pray you continue to keep your mind and heart open to possiblilties, because you never know..


One Response to “You never know. . .”

  1. Phyllis Terwilliger July 27, 2012 at 12:17 pm #


    Praise God for the woman at Aqua Zumba that asked you if you had a home church. Thanks for the description of the crabs; it sounds like a lot of fun to eat them!!!


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