A time for laying fallow

13 Jul

I have always loved the idea of letting a field lie fallow for a season to refresh it and allow it to grow a better crop.  I feel this is a fallow time for me.  A time to really do just a little bit each day and not of that very challenging.
I am not whining here; I am just wondering how much any of us are willing to surrender ourselves.  I think of the prayer from John Wesely that we often say on the first Sunday of the year.  Part of which says, “Put me to what you will, let me be employed for you, or laid aside for you.”   Even when I would say these words I wondered who would really be willing to be laid aside; even for God.
Now I am not saying I am being laid aside for God, but I am saying that this new reality brings questions into my mind. Questions about what it is to slow down, to be present to older people who have difficulties doing thing that used to be simple. And that I want to see these days in my life as an opportunity to lay fallow – to be strengthen my myself as I lend strength to my parents.


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