12 Jul

I love Aqua Zumbia and this morning was my third time.  Here’s the issue; each time I have had a different instructor.  And, each of the instructors have a different idea of where I should stand in the pool; up to my arm pits?, up to my chest?? a little above the waist??? Who do you believe.  What is the right way in the Aqua Zumbia world?

OK, so I have never been very concerned with the right way.  But, as I started thinking about my confusion over a simple thing like, how deep do I go in the water, I though of all those people who have had “God questions” and looked from one leader to another for the ‘right’ answer.  I have been around church stuff all my life and have thought about God questions a lot and I know that there is no right answer.  Yet, what about someone starting to think about God stuff for the first time; thinking there are right ways to go about a faith journey.

Well, I think the important part is the one who leads.  You see my first two Aqua Zumbia leaders just told me where to stand.  My leader today told me why.  (Deeper in the water means you don’t work out as hard).

So, for those who are reading this, if you have been on your faith journey for awhile, just know you can be a leader for someone else.   I think it is always better to enage the conversation of why than to tell someone what to do.  Share with someone what works for you in your faith; what you find helpful about church or the Bible; or just let someone know that  God is listening and present and cares.    Have a cup/glass of your favorite beverage and talk about God today.


One Response to “Leaders”

  1. Linda Rose October 2, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    Mary, thank you for doing that yourself! Your way of preaching, like your way of living, writing, and conversing, is so engaging and heartfelt. You make me want to explore more. 🙂

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