Dance Like No Ones Watching

10 Jul

This has never been encouragement that I needed.  I have often wondered why anyone would be concern about others watching if you are dancing or doing anything else for that matter.  God is the only one who we have to please, and if we are trying to please God, then the rest is all good.

OK this is what I think is the real deal.  In general people are always more concerns with what they are doing then what you are doing.   And I find there comments on someone’s behaviour ususaly reflects more on who they are then the person they are commenting on.  When I heard that people sometime where discussing what was going on in my life, I used to wonder, “don’t they have a life?”.

As a person of faith I know that I am commanded to love, forgive, and prayer for others (even my enemies).  I do not have to judge, fix, please or convince others of anything.  

I pray today that you enjoy each moment, talk with God often, and do everything like only God is watching.  Hint:  God loves you and enjoying being with you today.ImageImage


One Response to “Dance Like No Ones Watching”

  1. Kaleigh Farro July 11, 2012 at 1:59 am #

    Hey Paster Mary I realy enjoyed your party and I don’t care who watches me when i dance LOVE KALEIGH FARRO

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